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Variable Number of Nested For Loops

An old problem that came to my head a couple of days ago. I solved it as an excersive in Fortran class about 25 years ago, my current solution is: $lbound = 1; $ubound = 4; $loops = 3; $numbers = array(); for($i=1; $i=1; $l–) { $numbers[$l]++; if( $numbers[$l]>$ubound ) { $numbers[$l] = $lbound; } […]

programming is like writing a book…

“programming is like writing a book… …except if you miss out a single comma on page 126 the whole thing makes no damn sense” This is one of the more briliant thoughts on what is programming!


This month I started a new collaboration with an Indian partner, SEAES (p)ltd. A new player in Indian e-commerce. They had installed cs-cart multivendor version and I was called to build some add-ons and act as the CTO of the site. Seems an exciting opportunity to expand and exploit my knowledge of e-commerce and business […]

WordPress notes

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My computers in time.

Today i realized that i am programming for maybe more than 25 years (that is 35 years in 2021) (still have gw-basic printouts) and i started thinking the machines i owned and special ones i worked on. So the story starts around 1985 or something: Sinclair ZX-Specturum +2 Euro-PC (intel 8088, single 3.5″ floppy) – […]

In Praise of Scripting

“…it permitted rapid development, often regarded as merely “rapid prototyping,” but subsequently recognized as a kind of agile programming….” “…Proper and professional software engineering supposedly permits managers to level the playing field and extract considerable productivity from less talented and less motivated programmers. This makes software productivity a commodity, and programmers become disposable and exchangeable. […]

Prevent Windows Update From Automatically Restarting Your PC

Windows Update’s automatic reboot can be one of the most annoying “features” in Microsoft operating systems. While it’s a bit less pushy with Windows Vista and 7, allowing users to postpone the restart for up to four hours, you may not be at the computer to intercept the first or subsequent notifications.


Ηθελα να αντιγράψω 500GB ταινίες από τον σκληρό Η στον F, μετά από διάφορα αστεία με την αντιγραφή των windows όπως βάζω να αντιγράφει στις 8:00 το πρωι και φεύγω, και το μεσημέρι βλέπω ότι από το πρώτο αρχείο λίγο μετά αφού έφυγα να περιμένουν τα windows να πατήσω Retry or skip!

Κηφηνείον «Η Ωραία Ελλάς»

Κηφηνείον «Η Ωραία Ελλάς» του Σαράντου Καργάκου, Συγγραφέως – Φιλολόγου – Ιστορικού

Ακούω ότι το μεγαλύτερο σήμερα πρόβλημα των νέων μας είναι η ανεργία. Διαφωνώ. Εδώ και τριάντα χρόνια είναι η …εργασία. Ο νέος δε φοβάται την αναδουλειά, φοβάται τη δουλειά.