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Cs-Cart admin pagination

Notes on how pagination is done in admin section of cs-cart. In the controller: if ($mode == ‘under’) {   $params = $_REQUEST; $params[’paginate’] = true; if (!empty($params[’paginate’])) { $params[’page’] = empty($params[’page’]) ? 1 : $params[’page’]; $params[’total_items’] = db_get_field("HERE GOES THE TOTAL LINES COUNT QUERY", DESCR_SL ); $params[’items_per_page’] = $params[’items_per_page’] ? $params[’items_per_page’] : Registry::get(’settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page’); $limit […]


This month I started a new collaboration with an Indian partner, SEAES (p)ltd. A new player in Indian e-commerce. They had installed cs-cart multivendor version and I was called to build some add-ons and act as the CTO of the site. Seems an exciting opportunity to expand and exploit my knowledge of e-commerce and business […]