This is my personal and work blog. I post here things that are important, things I want to recall later, stuff I want to share with friends and colleagues.

I am programming for more almost all my life. Its not a work, not a hobbie, it s a way of thinking. I made recently a turn again back to academic work because I had to fill the gap in my head.

My prefered area of work is PHP backends. I have been working with symfony since 2007 and symfony2 since 2013. I have strong knowledge of database design and experience counting more than a decade. Writting code that works isn’t enough for me. It has to be designed well and optimized. Complex problems is the salt of my life. I consider myself as problem solver.
Also I have a long experiense in cs-cart addon writting and hacking.

Relocating to any country that will provide to me and my family a better living is always welcomed…  but still, I can work remotely with anyone who speaks english.


Panos Kyriakakis