slxEaseInventory add-on for cs-cart 4.x

The problem.

We have t-shirts with options color and size. Lets say sizes are S, M, L, XL and colors are Red, Green and Blue. We track inventory with options, that means 4×3=12 combinations. So after setting up the product we have to update inventory and for a good looking shop we would like to disable options without stock. Additionally we would like to have size and color features to used for category filters. That means extra work to update features when new colors or sizes come up. For those who are not familiar with combinations form in cs-cart have look at the following picture (this is partial of the form, goes 5-6 pages down). Its a generic form to update any that has to do with combinations, not too friendly for shop owner who just wants to update inventory, right?


And if we want to disable options without stock we have to go to option and disable those options. For each option of the combination that you have to change it’s variants status, if the variant is not in a combination that it has different status… and do it right.

Screenshot_2Frustrated with the procedure already? Consider doing this for 20 products in that box you just got from your vendor…

The solution.

slx_ease_inventory addon!

Look at the form bellow, simple, clear and easy to enter your inventory.


Just enter product inventory and then click “Update” at the bottom. You are done!

  • Combination’s inventory is updated,
  • options with inventory are enabled (not in case that option is global option link),
  • options with 0 stock are disabled (not in case that option is global option link),
  • even missing features are added.
  • If product is out of stock in all combinations, the product is disabled and via versa. If product was disabled and you entered new stock, the product will be enabled.

How about when customers buy that product and a combination is out of stock? The combination will be disabled and if the product runs out of stock in all combinations, it will be disabled also. No more out of stock availability!


A cheap add-on to make your every day life easier, just for $40.


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