2013 Oct 14-20

A week has gone.

This was the most non-productive week of the last months!

Disapointing. After burning brain cells the past 2 months learing symfony2, building a project with it, start coding for my master thesis project, reading about agile design, design patterns. This past week was like I was turned off.

Last evening layed down to have a short sleep at 6 in the afternoon and I woke up at 7 the next morning. Body shuting down to protect me? Maybe.

On Monday I will start going to teach to Volos. 1 hour driving to get there and maybe more to get back. That means 2 hours a day to think. I have to find a way to read while driving. Practical API Design by Tulach. Kobo says “10% read”. 90% more to go. Was thinking to put my laptop on passenger’s sit and have windows text to speech reading it to me. Not bad?

I am going to bed now. Tomorrow will be a bright new day!

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